Largest Deaf Picnic in the Midwest!

The idea of having this Deaf Picnic was started a few years ago by Chairperson, Dean Kelly. The southern parts of WI deaf clubs have seen some declination in numbers of attendees, and also there were too many scheduled events going on during the summer months. Dean thought about having 4 deaf clubs working together to form one large picnic. After consulting with 4 deaf clubs, all came to like his idea and agreed to start one. With Southern Lakes Association of the Deaf - Delavan, Greater Milwaukee Association of the Deaf, Madison Association of the Deaf and Racine-Kenosha Club of the Deaf, our first picnic was in 2006 and it turned out successfully. Along with lots of positive feedbacks from the picnickers, we decided to make it an annual event. This picnic will always be on 3rd Saturday of August. We have 2 Representatives, plus a committee of 15+ members from each club working together. Besides WI & IL, picnic attendees come from as far as CA, NY, MD, SD, MN, TX, VA & Wash DC!